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Something there / Somebody there

Look at her mouth

わたしには見える 壁のしみに
ひとびとの動作 無言の会話
わたしには見える 床の木目
樹木や神々 デルヴォーの駅舎

死んだ魚 兵士の亡骸


I can see them, a stain on a wall, people’s motions, and silent conversation.
I can see them, wood veins on the floor, the woods, gods and Paul Delvaux's mysterious station.
The scum spreading on a notebook looks like dead fish or remains of soldiers.
I can see them. I can see them.

『何ものか T』

大洪水の果て 湿った大地には あらゆるものの屍が残されていた
苦しみ 息絶え そして洗われたそのものたちは
人も獣も植物も もはや 渾然一体となって

・・・ Something T ・・・
The corpse of all the things remained on the damp earth after a massive flood.
The things went through agony and they laid down their life's burden and were cleansed.
The people, beasts and plants were blended together.
They were about to be reborn with a new life.

『何ものか U』

天より 薄れ日とともに 使者が舞い降りた
朗々と響く 希望の歌とは うらはらに
土産の品は 牢獄であった

・・・ Something U ・・・ 
A messenger came down from the sky in the vague light.
What he bought to us was a prison
Rather than songs resonating with hope.

『何ものか V』

地の復興は 凄まじかった
はじまりの 謙虚さは 瞬時に 失われ
世界は ふたたび 怒号の渦に沈んだのである

・・・ Something V ・・・
The revival of the earth took place with massive power.
The humility of begging was soon lost.
The world was caught again in a whirlpool.

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